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Help Relieving Stress In Brooklyn, NY

Contact Reiki in Brooklyn with Marta Hernandez when you are having emotional issues and need “help to align myself”. We offer help relieving stress in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding area.

"So let us, in walking gently on the earth, leave behind a simple legacy-that we loved the earth and had the courage to heal it, to save it for future generations."  Author Unknown

Help Relieving Stress | Brooklyn, NY


"...I really felt completely refreshed and open and aware of my surroundings and myself. In a way, I didn't want this feeling to disappear because it was a new and good feeling that I hadn't experienced before. I remember that one of my favorite parts this time during the Reiki session was when Marta was at my feet. Also, there was a very restoring effect i felt when Marta's hand was at my upper back and the other hand at my lower back....I am so grateful for Marta and how she has helped me the past four months with her Reiki sessions, I know that it has had a very positive healing impact on my pregnancy and me."  Rachel, Artist

When I first laid down and you were working around my head, it felt very peaceful and relaxing but as soon as you moved to my stomach it felt like I was taking off into flight...and then from that point it was as if I were flying..I thought about many things in my life...a lot of struggles and pain, but It wasn't feeling any of them because I was flying above them, like observing them, but I kept moving across them, passing them by as though they were what I needed to move past to get to where I was going....It was a very free and pleasant Reiki experience. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to have some relief. "   Sue 

"Dear Marta,
It's with a sense of deep gratitude that I write my impressions and observations of the Reiki sessions I've experienced with you....In all sessions I felt a very strong connection with you holding my feet, which gave me the feeling I was being prepped for extensive travel, and when you held my arms and hands it made me laugh as I could feel this unending string of friends that would follow in my life...You had used the pendulum and the crystals...I found your work with me very intuitive and overall I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to come up at the exact time for me. You not only have power but also grace that directly comes through each time." Marlene, Writer/Actor

"Thank you, Marta, for the beautiful reiki sessions. Each time I meet with you, you make me feel taken care of and nurtured in an existential way. I feel a dissolving of my tensions and a lightening of anxieties I didn’t know I had. There is no way to explain your ability to calm and relax and comfort a person to the core of them, no way to explain the magnificence and the uniqueness of what happens during a session with you. Your energy is palpable, the power of your channeling, the heat of your hands, your sense of purpose, your profound devotion to your client’s well-being. There is a cozy, swaddling sensation you generate without even touching me, as if I am being cocooned. Also, it’s as if no time passes—where does the time go? I always wish I could lie on that massage table in that mindless state forever. It is entirely evident that you are tapped into a higher realm during a session. I can feel the healing come through you from that other place. In our sessions you have transported me to states of higher awareness, to a meditative state, and even to complete unawareness. The experience is enhanced by the exquisite aroma of essential oils (I love that organic bergamot!), by the soft music, and by the circulating crystal energies. I also love how you open your sessions with a heartfelt prayer. You find just the right words and they resonate deeply. You are a true and gifted healer." Naomi, Intuitive Consultant

"Nice CD!! Warmth in hands felt soothing...I saw circle of violet as you were working on my head. Energy moved around head, knees...I felt really good. Loved the scents and music. The whole Reiki experience was very relaxing and wonderful. You make the space very calming and create a safe haven where your clients can rest and rejuvenate."  Elizabeth Taub, Social Worker

"Dear Marta,
What a wonderful treat the Reiki session was very calming and it made me realize that I need to get back into meditation. I loved the stillness and of course the wonderful music, especially the sound of the ocean...."  Karen J, Publisher

"Thank you for the Reiki session today. Often with healing treatments my mind wanders to different things in my life. I usually feel that I want to push it away and focus on the experience. Today, I let them come at me and I had answers for them.....And I 'm still feeling the effects hours later as I am writing letters that needed to be written."  Kristen, writer

"I liked the little tea and chat beforehand to see where I was emotionally/physically -also the process of identifying what I want to bring into my life-and actually writing it down.....The atmosphere was completely soothing, relaxing and comforting-the music, the aromatherapy..were pitch perfect enhancements for the Reiki session, without being over powering or too "new agey"....Your presence/touch was very graceful and unobtrusive-transitioning from various positions and from back to front was fluid and not disruptive....Afterwards, I felt completely loose, relaxed and nurtured, as If I'd had a massage-and had done something really positive for myself.." Nancy, Artist

"...It was a great experience!! The Reiki session made me very relaxed...and overall you created an absolutely perfect environment with the music, the plants, the oils and the water running..."  Cat,  Film Editor

" ...I loved how your hands progressively became warmer and warmer as the Reiki session went on....I loved how you had the scented oils to help relax and included relaxing music. " Edith,  Nurse