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"It is wonderful to be alive and to walk on earth" Thich Naht Hanh 

The Road to Wellness with Reiki

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Release your stress and find inner balance with Reiki in Brooklyn with Marta Hernández. 


Reiki Healing Brooklyn NY

Having experienced how Reiki improved the way I live motivates me to introduce it to others around me. I would love to  to share my Reiki story with you here.

My Reiki Story

About Reiki in Brooklyn with Marta Hernández

Welcome to Reiki in Brooklyn with Marta Hernández 

Thank you for visiting Reiki in Brooklyn with Marta Hernández. I have been trained in multiple systems of Reiki healing and have over 10 years of experience practicing and serving my community. As a certified Reiki practitioner, I have been specializing in holistic Reiki healing therapy and a teaching it. Contact me to learn about Reiki in Brooklyn NY. I speak Spanish, so I can better serve more clients with Spanish backgrounds. At my practice, I am committed to sharing and teaching Reiki, where I have seen firsthand how Reiki's wonderful alternative therapy benefit people with different needs, from healing to stress relief. Children love it as well, as it helps relieve the anxiety they get from school. I have been giving Reiki healing to my daughter, who loves her soothing effects since she was a baby. Older people praise it for its calming and nurturing effects. My plants and music even thrive from its curing properties and my neighbors' dogs love it.

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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments about my alternative therapy, please use the information listed here. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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